Debit Cards

Visa Debit Card

  • May be used wherever Visa is normally accepted
  • Purchases made are deducted directly from you checking account
  • Receipt provided at the point of sale
  • Monthly checking statement details all Visa Debit Card purchases
  • May be used as your Visa Debit Card here at home or around the world, wherever you see the Cirrus ATM network logos displayed
  • May withdraw cash, transfer funds, or simply check balances.


Prevent Debit Card Fraud using My Mobile Money

Set custom card controls with My Mobile Money.  Anywhere, anytime.

  • Turn your card on or off

  • Set alerts and deny transactions based on merchant or transaction type and location

  • Monitor and control dependent cardholders' usage

  • Receive notification of possible fraudulent transactions and take action

Download on the Apple App Store or Google play


Compromised Card Alert

Due to increase in fraud:
If we receive a notification that your debit card has been compromised, we will close the card immediately for your protection.

    * Some out of state transactions have been restricted.